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Why Hire Inman Roofing?

Inman Roofing has 35+ years of roofing experience and is locally owned and operated by Nick Inman. Our belief in high quality workmanship and honesty has led to countless long-term customer relationships and repeat business.

I have been working with Nick Inman since 2007.  He is my go-to roofer and when there are storms none of his roofs leak...His service is above and beyond and his roof knowledge is extensive.  Nick and his crew get the work done right and quickly.  I can’t say enough good things about this company and he has saved me so much work! 


Best roofer in Texas in my opinion!

Lisa S.

Beck & Company 

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Our Services Include

New Roof Installation

Roof Repair

Roof Replacement




We have worked with Inman Roofing for over 25 years. The reason we stay in business with them is because of their good prices, quality work and they honor all of their warranties.

Ruth H.

President, Evergreen Properties

Nick has worked for me multiple times doing personal and commercial roofing. He does excellent work and follows through on his jobs. When he bids a job, there are no hidden costs and his prices are competitive. As a business man he is fair and honest and always there.

Richard Janson

JaNar Consulting

Nick has alway done an excellent job and follows up on all requests...he's honest, professional, and he's done great work for us when we needed roofing and general structural repairs.

Stan S. 

General Manager, Beck & Company

Nick, owner of Inman Roofing, is the consummate professional in the roofing industry with an incredible work ethic, premiere craftsmanship, reliable estimates, and timely scheduling and completion of work.


He's an excellent communicator and always follows up on work performed. I highly recommend Nick and Inman Roofing and will continue to refer him to anybody in need of roofing work. 

Anne Edwards Johnson


Signs of roof problems

Roof Problems
Inman Roof Repair
Water Penetration
Stains on the ceilings
Faded Shingles
Buckling Shingles
Gutters full of granules
Increased electricity bill
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